Example: Star Wars

star wars

These demos are designed to highlight the tidyverse and RStudio Connect. We obtain data from the Star Wars API and the quantmod package to produce output using R Markdown, Shiny, and Plumber.

Star Wars demos #

  1. Quick facts reports. Create a descriptive report for a single Star Wars character.

  2. Quick facts report with user inputs [Login]. Create a descriptive report for any Star Wars character based on user input.

  3. Speed dashboard. Analyze ship speed as a function of various inputs.

Star Wars notebooks #

  1. Tidyverse notebook. Use the tidyverse to access, understand, and communicate insights about the star wars data.

  2. Hyperdrive notebook. Use the tidyverse to model and predict the the future of hyperdrive in the Star Wars galaxy.

  3. Ships notebook. Visualize information about star wars ships.

Examples from our galaxy #

  1. Stock report [Login]. Build a stock report based on user input.

  2. Profit vs volume dashboard. Experiment with non-linear relationships as described in this popular Harvard Business Review article.