Repeatable Data Science: A Demo
Data science is repeatable if results can be reproduced on demand. This is an core tenet of good science; without repeatability it’s unclear whether changes will make things better, worse, or have no effect at all! Reproducing results relies on two attributes of an analysis: 1) that the same … Read More…
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Access to Care
The following are a set of multiple types of artifacts published to RStudio Connect. They share or build on the same base analysis. Their purpose is to demonstrate how each type of asset can showcase an aspect of the analysis. The idea is to enable you to reach your audiences more effectively and … Read More…
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Bike Prediction
This app provides real-time predictions of the number of bikes that will be available at the stations of Washington DC’s docked bike share, Capital Bikeshare. Creating and visualizing those predicitons takes advantage of many different types of R content and the ability to deploy them on … Read More…
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