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Product Integrations - Git#

Using Git with RStudio Workbench#

The RStudio IDE allows you to work directly with code that is stored in remote Git repositories.

When working with a project that is stored in Git, you can commit code, work with different branches, perform code diffs, and more.

Installing command line interfaces can make it easy for Workbench users to interact with a code hosting provider.

Using Git with RStudio Connect#

One of the methods for publishing content to RStudio Connect is to deploy content to RStudio Connect directly from a remote Git repository.

Learn how to configure Git-backed content on RStudio Connect.

Learn how to publish Git-backed content to RStudio Connect.

Using Git with RStudio Package Manager#

You can use RStudio Package Manager to build R packages that are stored in remote Git repositories.

Git sources work with internal repositories as well as hosted repositories such as GitHub.

Learn how to configure Git sources in RStudio Package Manager.