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Calling Plumber APIs from curl#


To call APIs hosted in RStudio Connect from curl, you'll need:

  1. URL for the API endpoint hosted on RStudio Connect
  2. API key (if your API requires authorization)

curl Example#

You can use the curl command-line tool on Linux to call Plumber APIs from terminals, shell scripts, or CI/CD systems:

export CONNECT_API_KEY=YfB5XBRB7slkkBSEi5qr93mWJvbpXQQy

curl -H "Authorization: Key ${CONNECT_API_KEY}" ${CONNECT_API_URL}

You can replace the values of CONNECT_API_URL and CONNECT_API_KEY with your API URL and API key from RStudio Connect.


The code examples assume that you are calling a published API in RStudio Connect that is:

  • Hosted on a secure server with TLS/SSL at an HTTPS endpoint
  • Using an API key to make an authorized call to an API
  • Making an HTTP GET request to the API

If your use case is different, then you can modify the example code accordingly.