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Python with Shiny#

This application is a demo of the reticulate and shiny packages. The demo incorporates the Google Maps Python API client and an advanced vehicle simulation tool written in Python by the National Renewable Energy Lab.

Steps to Reproduce#

  1. Restore the R environment using packrat
  2. Restore the Python environment using conda or virtualenv
  3. Download NREL's FASTSim tool version py-fastsim-2018a and place the unzipped folder into the repo.
  4. The following modifications are required:

    a. Modify line 56 of /src/ to read

      csv_path = './/py-fastsim-2018a//cycles//'+cycle_name+'.csv'

    b. Modify line 77 to read

    with open('.//py-fastsim-2018a//docs//FASTSim_py_veh_db.csv','r') as csvfile:

    c. Insert a line before 1041 with

    output['mpsAch'] = np.asarray(mpsAch)


This application was developed independently by RStudio as a DEMO using the freely available FASTSim model. The app was not written in conjunction with the National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL) nor is the application endorsed by NREL. The results presented in the application are not to be used for accurate vehicle comparisons. RStudio is NOT RESPONSIBLE for the accuracy or reliability of any results presented in this application.