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Side by Side - Jupyter Notebook Slideshows on RStudio Connect
TLDR; Turn a Jupyter Notebook into a reveal.js slideshow, then publish that HTML document to RStudio Connect. If you use RStudio Connect at your organization, hopefully you already know how to publish different types of content built with the R programming language and package ecosystem. Recently, … Read More…
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Shiny Feature Toggles - Part 1
At RStudio, we recommend staying (or at least starting) within the boundaries of a set of best practices when it comes to the use of our professional products. I write how-to articles that cover basic solutions for RStudio Connect based workflows. I would highly encourage you to explore those … Read More…
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Advocating for your Analytic Infrastructure - VirtualBox and Vagrant
TL;DR: Do cool stuff with R, RStudio products and VirtualBox! Last weekend I attended SatRdays Chicago to give a talk on advocating for great analytic infrastructure as a data scientist. Specifically, I wanted to share some ideas for how someone might start developing skills and exploring this … Read More…
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